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MAAVi Foundation is fully committed to the protection of disadvantaged families: Parents are supported in their labor market integration, and children are tutored and encouraged to eat healthy, as well as taught sport values through football in our MAAVi Fútbol Club.”


Our ultimate goal is to lead the 200 children that currently participate in our foundation towards a better future, helping them integrate into their communities and teaching them values such as empathy, respect, friendship and team building.

Your donations allow us to provide them with school supplies, shoes, glasses, sportswear and warm clothes.

No one can really follow their dreams when their main concern in life is having something to it every day, so we provide all our children a healthy meal once a day to ensure their proper nutrition.

We invest as much time as necessary to make our children flourish, help them find their place in our society and ensure a brighter future for them.

We are transparent. Our accounts are audited and made public every year. They can be verified anytime. Your donations do reach their target!


Contribute to the education and health of our children… and their whole community!


Foster ideals such as friendship and solidarity, building bonds and learning from one another.


Be a witness to our children’s reality, and discover how a small contribution can change their lives.


A monthly donation of just €30 does make a difference.

Nizar jugador Potitos
Souad es la madre de Nizar uno de nuestros jugadores más pequeños del MAAVi Fútbol Club. Ella nos cuenta como Nizar a mejorado en su día a día, su comportamiento, actitud, la alegría de ir cada día al entrenamiento y estar con sus nuevos amigos.
CHAHIME jugador Alevín
Chahime jugador del Alevín MAAVi Fútbol Club nos cuenta junto a su madre Sanaa cómo se siente en MAAVi Foundation, el aprendizaje, motivación, valores y enseñanza que está consiguiendo día tras día. Su madre nos cuenta que gracias a la fundación ha conseguido mejorar en el fútbol y en clases, levantándose cada día con la ilusión de entrenar y ver a todos sus compañeros.
Antonio jugador Potitos
Antonio es uno de nuestros jugadores más jóvenes perteneciente al equipo de los Potitos, los más pequeños del MAAVi Fútbol Club. Su madre Estefanía nos cuenta cómo ha mejorado sus habilidades sociales a través del deporte y la integración desde que está dentro del equipo.
All you need to know about your sponsorship
What does my collaboration with MAAVi Foundation imply?

It is a way to show your support for our cause and to help us in the development of the programs we have currently in place. In return, you will be building a personal bond with our children, and you will witness the positive impact our projects have in their lives through their letters.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of MAAVi Foundation?

By becoming a member, you help our children live a better present and achieve a brighter future.

Your contribution will be our weapon to fight inequality and improve the lives of the children in our foundation at different levels: health, education, nutrition and security. The duration of our programs is perfectly adapted to the needs of each and every family, with the ultimate aim of achieving their total integration and guiding them towards a brighter future.

Membership is also the best way to create a personal bond with our children and to experience first-hand their own reality. You will witness their progress through letters, videos and periodic visits to our premises.

To become a member, just choose a monthly donation of at least €30.

Are my donations exclusively spent on the children at MAAVi Foundation?

All the money raised goes both to the children and their families. The financial support received by MAAVi Foundation is invested in our four programs: sports, education, health and labor market integration.

What is the usual duration of a MAAVi Foundation membership?

That depends entirely on you and your possibilities. We are happy to have you on board as long as we keep working on this beautiful project. Throughout the membership period, some of the children might be leaving our football club due to the completion of their studies, their coming of age, their moving outside our reach… or for any other reason. Independently of any internal change (about which you will be duly informed), your membership will remain active.

If at any point your circumstances change and you cannot collaborate with us any longer, please do get in touch and let us know through the following e-mail:

Become a member!

With your help, we can prevent more children from falling into social exclusion.


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