We keep growing! Recruitment Day for our MAAVi FC: Sunday, July 4

Save the date: Come to the Centro Deportivo 360 (Roquetas de Mar) on Sunday, July 4. What for? Because we are giving children aged 4 to 17 the opportunity to show us what they’ve got and join our MAAVi FC next season!

For better organization and safety, we’ll set up several morning and afternoon groups, based on our different categories.

Morning groups:

– “Potitos” & U7, ages 4 to 7, from 12:00 to 12:50.

– U9 & U11, ages 8 to 11, from 13:00 to 13:50.

Afternoon groups:

– U13 & Girls teams (U15 and U18), ages 12 to 17, from 17:00 to 18:15.

– U15 & U18, ages 14 to 17, from 18:30 to 19:45.

All boys and girls are welcome to the event, and please do not hesitate to spread the word among your friends… It’ll be fun! The best candidates will be selected to join the club, with the possibility to get a scholarship covering the costs.

MAAVi FC, the heart of MAAVi Foundation

Apart from growing as a football club and as a foundation, our main aim is to teach our children values like teamwork, equality, friendship, discipline and hard work. An exciting project conceived by Kimitec, but centered on children of all origins and ages, who arrive into our foundation through these recruitment days.

MAAVi Foundation was born around three years ago. Since then, it has been continuously growing thanks to the effort of all children, their parents and our volunteers… and with the support of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

For three years, we’ve been working hard on our tutoring and personal development program, with workshops and other activities, and we’ve managed to help our children improve their results at school.

Over 200 children of all ages are now part of our foundation… But this is just the beginning. We aim to reach the exciting figure of 1000 members soon!

We’ve been honored with recognitions like the Iberdrola SuperA Award, granted to our girls team among 400 other candidates and 48 projects, and the Corporate Social Responsibility Award,which we received from the Diputación de Almería.

Last year, Luis Rubiales, the President of the RFEF, joined us at the football stadium Antonio Peroles (Roquetas de Mar, Almería) to help us spread the word about our beautiful project.

And this year, we’re participating in a project called Los Futbolísimos: El misterio de la máscara de oro,an interactive novel written by Roberto Santiago and published in Diario AS every Friday for a period of 20 weeks, where the guys at Soto Alto FC will continue their adventures.

MAAVi Foundation and MAAVi FC keep pushing forward. We strive to get bigger and better every year, and we’re definitely on the right path… but we need hard-working, passionate people who can help us fulfill our dream.

People like you! So see you on Sunday, July 4!