Read Walid’s story, a MAAVi Fútbol Club’s player

“To have a positive influence on youth, it’s essential to participate in their happiness.”

St. John Bosco

The smile of a child is the most sincere, authentic gesture one could ever see… Especially if it comes from the CUTEST kid ever! Meet Walid. He’s one of our players, and he’s as sweet as he’s unpredictable! Full of energy and willing to become the best “footballest” in the world, he joined our Foundation in August, 2020. Thanks to his training routine and the close interaction with the rest of the team, he has managed to blend in in no time.

Walid has a dream: Play with the Atlético de Madrid, participate in the World Cup with the Spanish team… AND SCORE A GOAL LIKE INIESTA’S!  To describe our MAAVi Fútbol Club, he chooses the words extraordinary, exciting and friendly.

But he’s not only a football star, he’s so much more! Thanks to the help and academic support of our volunteers, he can now proudly announce that he can divide decimal numbers and knows his accents. That’s what we call making the most out of what you receive!

His experiences today will shape his future personality: Values and unforgettable memories that will lead him towards a brighter future.

MAAVi Fútbol Club and MAAVi Foundation share a common goal: Help immigrant families by promoting their integration through several programs intended for children aged 4 to 17, where they can learn sport values like friendship, education, respect, patience, hard work, and sacrifice. But we also teach them healthy living habits, offer them academic support, and help their parents throughout their labor market integration process.

Walid is already a star at MAAVi Foundation, and no doubt he’ll soon be shining everywhere else.