Interview with Lola, volunteer at MAAVi Foundation

Lola is a volunteer at MAAVi Foundation, and she helps us provide educational support to our children.

Our foundation works for the children, but also for their parents, who often are also willing to get involved and participate. 

That’s Lola’s case, who apart from volunteering is also the mother of one of our football players. She participates in our tutoring sessions, helping our children with their homework every evening. Thanks to people like her, who are willing to kindly lend us a hand, we can guide children at risk of social exclusion towards a brighter future. 

Ismael is her son, and he also loves helping his friends as much as he loves football. Bonding is all about learning together, supporting each other and collaborating, which ultimately also motivates children to be better.

MAAVi Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty, offering help to numerous underserved families through four different programs: Values education through sports and our MAAVi Fútbol Club, healthy nutrition, educational support and labor market integration for parents.

If you want to participate too, get in touch with us at A wonderful chance to grow both personally and professionally is waiting for you!