Interview with Estefanía, mother of Antonio, one of our “Potitos” players

Antonio is full of energy, which he spends playing in our “Potitos” team with the rest of MAAVi Fútbol Club’s youngest players. His mother, Estefanía, is extremely happy to see him socialize and blend in with the other members of the team. 

Antonio was an introverted child, but after some time and with the help of his friends, he’s now super integrated and would never miss a training session. Never ever! Training makes him happy, so much that his mother can see disappointment in his face when for some reason the session must be canceled.

And he receives individual and family help from MAAVi Foundation too. Because that’s our goal: To promote social integration and cultural inclusion for families like Antonio’s, through four main programs: Sports, academic support, labor integration and healthy nutrition.