Interview with Souad, mother of Nizar, one of our “Potitos” players

“Potitos” is the youngest team in our MAAVi Fútbol Club.

The emotional load of our work with the children can only be fully understood by their parents, who are also witnesses to their daily evolution. They see how they change thanks to our collective effort, improving their behavior and acquiring the self-assurance and peace of mind they need. The reason for that change? They feel they are in good hands, and they are happy.

Souad is Nizar’s mother, one of our youngest members. She’s utterly thankful to MAAVi Foundation and our football team for the help they’ve received.

Nizar is now “crazy about football”, and he loves his friends in the team so much that he wants to train every day, no matter what! Just by looking him in the eye you see how happy he is, which ultimately has had a huge impact on his social abilities too.

Our “Potitos” players also get help from our volunteers through several programs aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting the social and cultural integration of children through sports, education, labor market integration and healthy nutrition.

His participation in our sports club makes Nizar feel fulfilled and motivated, which in turn encourages him to work hard to find his true self and achieve happiness.