MAAVi FC’s girls team wins Iberdrola’s SuperA Social Award

After a tight selection process with over 400 candidates and 48 projects… Our girls team has won Iberdrola’s SuperA Social Award! Iberdrola’s award recognizes the value of sports-related Spanish projects and initiatives and their contribution to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

“This award drives us forward and gives us the support we need to keep working for the children, particularly the girls. The 50,000 euros are a reward to our daily efforts, and will definitely help us keep pursuing our dream. We couldn’t be happier and prouder”, states Félix García, Kimitec’s CEO and President of MAAVi Foundation.

The money will be invested in…

  • Recruitment initiatives specific for girls and mixed teams in lower categories.
  • Conferences for families and more specifically mothers, presented by experts.
  • Group and individual weekly workshops for families and mothers.
  • Implementation of a full nutritional program with the help of experts.
  • General tutoring sessions for all academic levels and an increasing number of subjects.
  • Individual tutoring sessions and conferences for girls, to address gender-specific issues and needs.
  • A social rehabilitation program to facilitate women’s training and empowerment, etc.

Girls, mothers and female volunteers, you made this possible!

Our Foundation is up and running thanks to your participation and involvement. Your love, effort and availability help us keep moving forward, and the only thing you ask in return is a smile on the faces of our children. You’re definitely amazing!