¡Volvieron las clases de refuerzo a MAAVi Foundation!

MAAVi Foundation’s tutoring sessions are back!

We love hanging out with the children of our foundation, so much we couldn’t wait any longer to help them pass their subjects at school with our tutoring sessions.

Tutoring takes place every evening, from Monday to Thursday, in a relaxed atmosphere where the children can do their homework with the support of our volunteers, who help them solve their questions and prepare their exams. Additionally, we serve them a delicious snack to make sure they eat healthy.

Tutoring allows to reduce the dropout rate in secondary school. Spain has currently a general dropout rate of 11.8%, above the average of 10% across European countries. But that rate triples if we consider only foreign youths, reaching 38%.

As for higher education, only 1 in every 4 immigrant children make it to Bachillerato.

The volunteers and students of the Degree in Social Work doing their internship at MAAVi Foundation fight daily to lower those figures, encouraging our children to complete higher studies, so that they ultimately increase their chances to find a well-paid job.

In view of the current health crisis and to comply with the preventive measures established by both our regional and national governments, our tutoring activities take place now at Kimitec’s restaurant “Casa La Mari”, where it’s easier to keep the recommended social distance.

Hard work always pays off, and some of our children have already passed the subjects they had failed before. Nothing can stop us!