Revisión médica en colaboración con Óptica Rico

Medical Check-Up by Óptica Rico

The health of our children always comes first. That’s why MAAVi Foundation and the Royal Spanish Football Federation organize medical check-ups every year to make sure that they grow healthy and possible issues are caught on time.

As the saying goes… Better safe than sorry!

And this year we’ve gone a step further: We’ve also organized supplementary visual and hearing screenings for our children in collaboration with Óptica Rico. Testing takes place on the last week of every month at our MAAVi Innovation Center, with the final purpose of detecting and correcting possible issues affecting our children.

Apart from excluding health issues, we educate them in the importance of these routine check-ups: They need to know that any visual or hearing problem has a direct impact on their quality of life, daily routine, social life and safety. At school, visual and hearing issues can impair the children’s ability to concentrate and interact in class, leading to reduced academic performance.

For the screening process, we chose Óptica Rico for their extensive experience of over 40 years in the sector, and their professionalism.