Interview with Jorge, social worker

To eradicate the situation of extreme poverty and sociocultural isolation that many immigrant families suffer, an urgent community effort is needed in the form of acceptance and solidarity. And in that context, the actions of people like Jorge, committed volunteers willing to give away their time, work and knowledge for the sake of a common objective, really make us proud.  Our goal? To help, favor integration, encourage social dialog, and promote education… In short, give the new generations a chance for a brighter future, independently of their origin.

Jorge, and many others, join MAAVi Foundation to help our children learn and improve their academic results.

And that does not imply just sitting quietly and studying. Laughing, Internet surfing, reading, playing and group discussions are also part of the equation… Uncountable activities that are carried out every afternoon at our foundation, for the benefit of all our children. Jorge studied Social Work at the University of Almería, and he’s had the chance to practice what he learned during his internship at MAAVi Foundation. 

This job is quite hard, especially when the children feel bored or unmotivated and refuse to study. But Jorge and the other volunteers are decided to help them succeed, promoting their social abilities, values (friendship, responsibility, perseverance, commitment…) and good habits (hygiene, nutrition…). And that’s not the most important thing. What really makes a difference is that they try to solve their doubts, they listen to them and find out what they need… In summary, they become a referent for them, as well as their support and source of motivation.

These hardworking, generous people are the heart of MAAVI Foundation. They keep us alive, and put a smile on the face of our children and their families.

MAAVi Foundation promotes the social and cultural integration of immigrant children and their families. Come and join us as a volunteer, collaborator or member!