Remembering Rubiales’ visit to MAAVi Foundation

In February 2020, the president of the RFEF came to visit us personally at MAAVi Foundation, and brought us wonderful news: The Royal Spanish Football Federation was to support our promising project!

For our little champions, that was “really awesome and fun”. They felt like stars, and they could meet their “hero” personally. Autographs, pictures, questions and some footballing around… that’s what we call an amazing afternoon!

Kimitec, a biotechnology company focused on the agricultural industry, is behind MAAVi Foundation, which was created to promote the social and cultural integration of children aged 4 to 17 through sports, and more specifically, football, in Vícar and Roquetas de Mar (Almería), where the company’s headquarters are.

We must face reality. Almería is a region where people from multiple nationalities live and interact. MAAVI Foundation wants to break the existing cycle of poverty in which many of these families live, helping them integrate through several programs: Sports, nutrition, education and values (hard work, self-improvement, friendship, empathy, discipline) and labor market integration of parents… In short, we create new opportunities for the whole family, to help them blend in and promote a sense of belonging.

The Foundation’s president and CEO of Kimitec had a dream, and he’s managed to make it real: A place where children are welcomed and feel part of a team, where they not only learn values (discipline, friendship…), but also receive healthy nutrition and academic support. As for their parents, thanks to Kimitec’s extensive contact network of large producers, they receive help throughout their labor market integration process. 

Also present in the event were Gabriel Amat, the mayor of Roquetas de Mar; Pablo Lozano, president of the Management Committee of the RFAF; José Martín, deputy chairman of the RFAF in Almería; Ángeles Martínez, deputy vice president and deputy delegate of Social Welfare Equality and Family, and José Rubí, councilman of Roquetas de Mar city council.

Smiling faces, dazzling eyes… An afternoon full of emotions for a group of children who couldn’t feel prouder and stronger… 

An event that filled everyone’s heart with joy… So mission accomplished!