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MAAVi Foundation

As a symbol of their social commitment, Kimitec and MAAVi Innovation Center, Europe’s largest biotechnology hub focused on natural compounds, established the MAAVi Foundation in Roquetas de Mar (Almería) in 2019. The sustainability that drives both agriculture and industry is mirrored in the area’s social sustainability. The Foundation takes a close look at a diverse and multicultural society that must motivate and promote the talent of its future generations through equal opportunities.

Inspired by CEO Félix García’s involvement in the world of football, we developed the program with the individual at its core, based on four pillars: sports, education, healthy habits, and professional development, with the objective of providing support and opportunities.

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Our values, our commitment

We accompany youngsters on their personal journey from childhood to adulthood. Taking into account their age and level of development, we help them confront challenges with determination and passion. We help them move beyond setbacks and frustrations that may arise when a goal feels out of reach, and we prepare them for life so they may seize every opportunity. Our approach focuses on four distinct areas of development:

Based on scientific research, sports are widely recognized as the cornerstone of both physical and mental well-being. However, their benefits extend far beyond that. Sports have the power to inspire individuals, instilling values such as perseverance and commitment to reach personal goals, and they serve as a catalyst for enhancing interpersonal skills in children. Take football, for example, where individuals can engage in fair competition on an equal footing. Our foundation follows a rigorous talent acquisition program that ensures an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. At our High-Performance School, we actively identify and nurture the potential of our children, maximizing their talents. Additionally, our Talent School welcomes young sports enthusiasts from all backgrounds, regardless of their current skill level.

Sports and education form the optimal combination for fostering the overall development of boys and girls within our Foundation. As such, every afternoon, our team of qualified teachers offers after-school support in subjects in which our kids need extra help. These sessions play a crucial role in narrowing academic disparities among children who are still adjusting to the Spanish school system, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to pursue higher education. We aim to promote essential values such as effort, commitment, and perseverance. Furthermore, we extend our assistance beyond the children themselves and offer professional training programs to support and empower their families.

It is critical to remember the importance of healthy habits in our everyday lives. Our Foundation prioritizes teaching the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. In some cases, these basic needs fail to be met, and we address this problem by providing snacks at Casa La Mari during our after-school program as well as before every training session. We teach youngsters the principles of proper nutrition and provide them with information on how to maintain a healthy diet while participating in sports. We also encourage them to prioritize their well-being by organizing healthy habits through personal hygiene workshops.

We provide comprehensive professional guidance and mentoring to our children through projects that enable them to pursue higher education at universities in Spain or abroad or embark on vocational training courses. The goal is to support both the children and their parents in acquiring specialized professional skills and enhancing their employability. We aim to harness their talents to facilitate their seamless integration into the labor market. As part of our strategic plan, we aspire to open a Vocational Training School within the next five years, focusing on three highly sought-after fields: gastronomy, digital careers, and the agricultural ancillary sector. This initiative aims to significantly enhance the employability of our children and their parents in these specific sectors.

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Our ambassadors

Travel partners who are friends

Luckily, we are not making this journey alone; some friends are committed to help us fulfill our mission: To guarantee a promising future for all the children in our Foundation.

"I am familiar with the foundation's activities, and being able to contribute my bit brings me joy. I believe in the initiatives we are working on together, and I feel that gastronomy may be an inspiration as a trade for these youngsters."

Ángel León
Spanish chef with 4 Michelin stars, known as the “Chef of the Sea”

I'm quite proud to have contributed to the foundation and, most importantly, to have served as an ambassador for the values they stand for.

Roberto Santiago
Writer, screenwriter, and film director who has written over 50 children's books


Collaborators that broaden our footprint

Our partners share our values. And they help us broaden our vision and guarantee a future full of opportunities for the children in our Foundation.