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On the field, we are all equal and push together towards the same goal; ethnicity, religion, geographic origin and social background are completely irrelevant. This is how we build a future society where no one is excluded for being different.

Our main objective is to lead our children through the difficult journey of growing up as individuals, help them improve their personal skills and teach them values, such as perseverance, discipline, teamwork, respect and sportsmanship, through football.

MAAVi Fútbol Club does not want to raise football players, but upright, trustworthy, respectful, self-confident people with a chance for a brighter future.

Our symbol

History of our crest and anthem

History of our anthem

At MAAVi Foundation, your origin, ethnicity or religion are irrelevant... We are mates, outside and on the field.

Sports team

Talented Players

We count on a highly demanding talent acquisition program designed to boost the skills of every child at every stage.

Technical team

High Performance School For Coaches

Coaches in our MAAVI Fútbol Club are key to transmit the Foundation’s values both outside and on the field. Both during the games or training sessions, and in the locker room, they help our boys and girls grow, not only as football players, but also as teammates and potential rivals.

All our coaches, independently of the category they train, have something in common: They are willing to learn, and they would do whatever is necessary to boost the children’s talent, so that they can reach their peak performance level. That is why we are developing a High Performance School For Coaches, where they can improve their coaching skills through our own methodology and economic support.

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