We promote cultural integration and social inclusion.

Since 2019, we work on four different programs (football, education, healthy nutrition and labor market integration) to prevent children at risk from falling into social exclusion and raise upright, trustworthy, respectful, self-confident people with a chance for a brighter future.


Maintaining a demanding, disciplined attitude on the football field while having always fair play, hard work and resilience in mind helps to instill other values not specifically related to sports: empathy, respect, responsibility and the rejection of violence.

Our children get a snack every afternoon, a healthy one, to guarantee their nutrition and make sure they keep a balanced diet, good eating habits and adequate hygiene practices.


We offer daily tutoring programs to help our children in their education and we closely monitor their performance. If they show skills, talents or abilities beyond the football field, we want to know to make sure they are promoted.

We set up agreements with local partners to facilitate the labor market integration of parents, promote their employability and break up the cycle of poverty.


We do not want to raise football players, but people with a bright future.

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